« Revolute is the time for traditional recruitment and head hunting. To maximise our recruitment efforts, we are introducing techniques from Digital Marketing to our processes such as : email automation, conversion rate optimization, A/B testing and the concept of Persona.

Our practices allow us to provide fast, efficient and low cost services. »
— JobsMedia

Automation of processes allows JobsMedia to offer:

Unbeatable rates

We know how important the budget is.
In developing a good HR strategy, every dollar counts. We offer you a turnkey service at the lowest rate in the industry from just 10% *.
Challenge us!

  • Respect for budgets is guaranteed
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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Service delivered in 5 days

Recruitment is mostly a timing question.

With our innovative strategies, our team is able to provide you with interesting and interestedg candidates in less than 5 working days, guaranteed!

  • A "Time-To-Fill" lower than you could ever imagine.

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Unequaled reach

A network of more than 1,500,000 specialized and segmented candidates in targeted skills.

Over the years, we have accumulated a database of thousands of candidates.

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Structured management of each mandate

All our mandates include access to a free application management system. You will be able to see, retain or reject candidates at any time during the hiring process.

  • Rate each candidate via the app
  • Contact all the candidates

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