Enroll Talent

Increased visibility

Attract more qualified talents & hire the right candidates faster!

Personalized HR marketing tool
Create a career page at your image to raise your brand awareness, increase your offers’ visibility, and receive more candidates. You can add your logo, customize your colors, and change your URL to fully align this page with your company. You’ll be pleased to be able to integrate it into your company’s website in just a few steps.
Extensive posting platforms
Whichever type of talent you are looking for, our extensive posting platforms can meet all your needs! With our one-click job posting feature across different platforms, you can reach the right audience on our specialized job sites, as well as our partner networks including LinkedIn, Google Jobs, Neuvoo, Jooble and much more.
Jobs sync in social networks
Talent attraction can be a moving target, and your company needs to remain visible and appealing to targeted candidates beyond top-ranked job sites. Our social media integration feature enables instant sync of all your job posts on the most popular social networks, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, so that you can expand your posting in more channels and never miss one potential candidate.
RH publie des offres d'emploi en utilisant la page carrière et les réseaux de publication d'Enroll Talent
Tableau affiche les status différents des candidats dans le processus de recrutement

Intuitive tracking

Track your candidates better with a birds-eye-view

Centralize your candidates
Enroll Talent hosts all your candidates in a secured candidate pool where you can easily view, edit, search and classify them. You can also import talents in your candidate pool so that you can centralize all of them in one place.
Evaluate and take action
You have direct access to all the attached documents, including resumes and cover letters of your candidates within their profile. And with our built-in assessment tools, you can evaluate candidates and share notes internally throughout your hiring process.
A complete recruitment pipeline
Enroll Talent allows you to manage your hiring process in a structured and consistent manner. You can move your candidates through the recruitment pipeline by easily changing their status. You can also classify your top rated candidates and get a list of the candidates that match your job the most.

A winning candidate experience

Delight your candidates & nurture your talent relationship

Simplified application form
Kickstart your hiring process with a smart and simplified job application form. This form from your career page allows candidates to quickly submit their applications. With one single click, their information is securely sent and stored in Enroll Talent, from where you’ll have the access to their profile anytime you want.
Apply for jobs on-the-go
Enroll Talent is completely mobile-friendly so that your candidates can apply for your jobs anywhere, anytime. We increase your hiring capabilities by adapting your career page on any device so that your candidates can interact with your brand without any accessibility constraints. Encourage your candidates to apply for your jobs immediately!
chercheur d'emploi tient un mobile à la main et pose sa candidature à un emploi à travers la forme d'application mobile d'Enroll Talent
tableau pour la gestion des rôles et des permissions des membres d'équipe et chronologie pour indiquer les activités récentes des membres dans Enroll Talent

Effortless collaboration

Hire and make effective decisions as a team

Involve your teammates
Involve your teammates in your hiring process by simply inviting them to join your team. Once onboard, they’ll have access to your candidates, performance, comments, as well as job offers.
Transparent environment
Your dashboard presents each teammate with a simplified view of your team’s recent activities in a timeline. By staying informed of everything that happened, you’ll be able to communicate more efficiently and work together to improve your hiring outcome.
Manage roles & permissions
The administrator of a company can manage different hiring groups, as well as multiple subsidiaries within a parent company. To avoid conflicts and maintain your data integrity, the admin can set roles and permissions for members in each team.

Tangible data

Make smarter decisions in real-time & plan for the long-term

Visualize your hiring performance
Our graphics allow you to measure talent acquisition rates overtime. You can see the progression of applications, the number of candidates in your candidate pool, and the number of candidates in each step of your recruitment pipeline. You can also filter the performance of your talent acquisition by a job offer so that you have actionable insights to improve your hiring speed.
Get the most out of your posting platforms
Your dashboard also allows you to measure talent acquisition costs over time. You have full visibility regarding the average cost per resume per platform so that you can measure your success directly, then optimize your posting activities. Promote your jobs where it truly matters!
diagramme circulaire, diagramme à barres et tableau analytique offerts par Enroll Talent

It’s easy to hire with Enroll Talent

And it’s free. Two good reasons to try it.
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