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An applicant tracking system (ATS) and collaborative recruiting software that optimizes your staffing process.

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A Free Complete Applicant Tracking System

Recruit the Best Talent One Step at a Time!

Never lose sight of your candidates’ activity thanks to your talent pipeline. Share and manage each of your profiles easily with your colleagues.

Post on the Best Recruiting Platforms

Maximize your reach and get more applications.

Post the same job across multiple platforms with a single click. Whether you’re targeting a local, national or international market, we offer a range of platforms tailored to your needs.

A Career Page in Your Image

Bank on the candidate experience; a free career page is what you need.

Improve the candidate experience with a career page in your image. A sleek design, mobile compatibility and a simplified application form for an optimal conversion rate.

Base Your Decisions on Hard Data

Simple charts that give you a clear picture of your recruitment.

Instantly see your jobs performance. We also give you an overview that allows you to be proactive and quickly adopt a strategy that maximizes your results.

Collaborate with Your Team

There’s always room for working together!

Create and manage the team you need for each of your positions. Talk things over in one place, and share every step of your recruitment with your colleagues.

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